Live, Laugh, Love and Get Adjusted!

Whenever I am newly introduced as a Functional Medicine Chiropractor, I usually get a lot of questions and I completely understand why.  There are so many new ways of approaching health and wellness that it can be difficult to discern what is the best for you and your family.  Some of the questions I get are:  Are you a real doctor?  Do you do massage?  Can you write prescriptions?  Do you take insurance?  Why would children need chiropractic?  Why would I see you if nothing is hurting me right now? Do you do that cracking thing to people’s necks?  Is chiropractic safe?  Do you do things other than crack people’s necks?  Why do I have to keep coming back to see you?   What techniques do you use?  Can you order lab-work?  Do you treat auto-immune diseases?  Can you give shots?  Is 5 days of juicing a “detox”?


You see where I am going with this.  There are a lot of questions because Chiropractors can specialize in all manner of healthcare options.  Our training is fundamentally neurological/musculoskeletal support which includes in-depth nutrition, biochemistry, pathology, diagnostics, immunology and physiotherapy.  In fact, we take boards in all of these disciplines.  Some medical doctors are going back to school to learn what is already a part of our training and they are calling it “Integrative Medicine”.  Most chiropractors focus on musculoskeletal support but some, like me, also bring Functional Medicine to the patient.  This includes looking at a patient’s overall well-being, including lifestyle, stress levels, life stages, compromised immunity, levels of toxins in the body…you get the picture.  It is often referred to as Holistic Care.


In the next upcoming blogs, I will be answering some of these questions and adding more information so that you can determine if the Functional Medicine approach is right for you. You can also send in your questions to :

Sending love and light always and in all ways!

Dr. Jane