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Our bodies are inextricably bound to our hearts, minds and spirits.  The heath of each of these parts of ourselves directly affects the health of the others.  From a Chiropractic standpoint, being in alignment releases any restrictions on the nervous system of the body and aids in the flow of information from the brain to every muscle, organ and square inch of skin that comprises YOU.  Being structurally sound and stable affects all aspects of our lives from our golf game to our work performance.  Don’t wait for pain to be the indicator of when you should come in!  Take care of yourself by getting adjusted as part of your regular routine .  You wouldn’t just do one session of yoga and expect your whole life to change.  You do it regularly.  In fact, chiropractic can be a great addition to your yoga practice!

  • The best and latest techniques in Chiropractic care
  • Webster Technique for Pregnancy
  • Pediatric care
  • Sports Injury care
  • Energetic balancing and Cranial/Sacral care


CBD Ultrasound
Fully knowledgable in effective dosage and treatment

Detox Treatments

10-90 day Programs
Infrared Sauna
Detox Facials

Myofascial Release

Gentle, sustained pressure
Eliminates pain and restores motion

Neuromuscular Care

Full Body Passive Yoga Stretch™
Helps with detox, illness and accident recovery, both physical as well as mental wellness, and much more.

Functional Medicine

In using algorithms, we can find compromises in your wellness and health profile.
Blood and saliva tests are used to form a personal wellness plan and achieve optimal wellness
Invest in yourself; let us help you find your right health plan

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