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Dr. Jane George

Dr. Jane George, DC brings years of experience and training to Knoxville’s North Shore and Old City. A Knoxville native, she relocated to LA where she completed her Bachelor and Graduate degrees at UCLA in Biology, followed by her Chiropractic Doctoral training at Cleveland Chiropractic College.


For years she worked as a childbirth labor assistant at major institutions, including Cedar Sinai and Saint Johns and also assisted home births. In 1991, she traveled to London England to do research on the childbirth experience and attended rounds with Michel Odent, the French physician who made water birth a more common experience. She completed additional training in pediatric care through ICPA.


Not limited to birth and pediatric care, Dr. Jane continued her education to become a Functional Medicine Chiropractor, which includes extensive study in nutrition and lifestyle management. She was a regular speaker and lifestyle trainer in the Los Angeles area and plans to continue this work through workshops and lectures here in Knoxville.

Having worked with competitive athletes and weekend warriors, she has the ability to help support the physically active patient to improve function and reduce the possibility of injury. She also holds a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and does guided meditation work to relieve stress and re-energize the body and mind. Dr. Jane is excited to be a part of the Knoxville community and looks forward to serving her new patients here.

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