Functional Medicine

What exactly is Functional Medicine? 

Although the term “Functional Medicine“ is relatively new, the concept of working with and supporting the body for OPTIMAL HEALTH has been around for a long time.  Chiropractic doctors are trained in functional medicine as part of their curriculum and board certification.  Because the chiropractic physician does not prescribe pharmaceuticals or practice surgery, we stimulate the body’s natural innate healing ability to strengthen from within.


How does it work?

We see every individual as a complete organism.  All systems in that organism must be in homeostasis in order to work in unison for optimal health.  Homeostasis is the body’s constant goal of creating and maintaining stability between interdependent parts.  You can put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but it is critical to know what happened in the first place.  In today’s world, so many things contribute to our wellbeing and our dis-ease.  Through a thorough exam and intake process, including labs, we began to understand where to focus our attention in creating a protocol towards wellness.  This will include any of the following therapies:  Chiropractic care, lifestyle management, dietary support, and detoxifications.


Does everyone go through a detox?

Most patients need to detoxify their body.  For some it is a liver issue.  For others it may be a GI problem.  Ultimately, we have to get the body strong and functioning optimally in order to create an internal environment for healing.  We use dietary methods, supplements, and infrared saunas to increase metabolism, encourage organ health and even as part of an ant-aging protocol. See Detox here to get more information.

Do you work with auto-immune patients?

ABSOLUTELY!  We treat auto-immunity like any other diagnosed condition that can benefit from our protocols.  It does require a real commitment from the patient.  By the time some are struggling with the fallout of “auto-immunity”, the issues have been present in the body for some time.  Our protocols are multipronged and patient compliance is critical to be successful.  That being said, we have seen some incredible reversals of “auto-immune” disorders.

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