The Gratitude Bar

111 North Central Street Knoxville, TN 37920

What is a Gratipolitan?


Using the purest, undiluted plant extracts available in the world, we add filtered carbonated water to give you a sensational experience for the health of your Body, Mind and Spirit and serve in a sparkling martini glass.


Each Gratipolitan addresses specific needs.  We encourage you to read from the possibilities on our menu and then decide what is right for you, in that moment.  With this in mind, today’s favorite might not be the one you choose tomorrow.  These are NOT mocktails or sodas or juice.  They are full of the flavor of the plant/s and are a unique way to support your well being.


The concept behind the Gratipolitan is unique to The Gratitude Bar in Knoxville’s Old City.  Finding healthy ways to support our bodies while still enjoying life is the mission of our space. We also have delicious juice, smoothies and other drinks to quench your thirst.  The Gratitude Bar will be hosting Meditation gatherings and Vibrant Living Workshops on a regular basis.  Check out our events page to learn more.


Sometimes we offer an “OFF MENU” Gratipolitan available here on the events page.  If you order the “off menu” Gratipolitan, you will receive it at the Happy Hour price, but you have to KNOW THE NAME!!!!



Please RECYCLE your bottle or use it in your home for something!

You can return your bottle for a $1 refund.

Support is Our Service


Neuromuscular Care

Full Body Passive Yoga Stretch™

Helps with detox, illness and accident recovery, both physical as well as mental wellness, and much more.


CBD Doctor

Fully knowledgable in effective dosage and treatment.

Custom wellness plan tailored to you.


Myofascial Release

Gentle, sustained pressure.

Eliminates pain and restores motion.

…and More!

Dry Needling


Interferential Current



Contact Dr. Jane George for more information of to schedule an appointment.

Coming soon…

This Natural Health Studio’s transformation into a collective!

The Happy Healthy, High-Vibes Wellness Collective is in the making… right here inside Knoxville’s Old City!

If you would like more information about being involved in this exciting transformation feel free to contact Dr. Jane.

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